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The Soldiers Surgeon Inc. is a local charity located in Dayton Ohio that provides an array of non-emergent orthopaedic services for veterans that have been injured during or outside of their service to this country. The Soldiers Surgeon Inc. will utilize selected local hospitals and facilities located within the Dayton region. The services provided by The Soldiers Surgeon Inc. include multiple orthopaedic procedures including but not limited to upper and lower extremity and limited interventional spine surgery. The Soldiers Surgeon will utilize selected local physicians.

We don't know them all, but we owe them all.



Applications once completed and verified will be reviewed and the veteran will be notified whether the charity can accommodate their request.

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Frequently Asked Questions


At Soldier’s Surgeon Inc, our goal is to help you find doctors that focus on musculoskeletal issues that routinely receive little or no treatment or the delay is so long that the condition deteriorates requiring more aggressive treatment and convalescence. Our goal is to help you find a doctor to minimize that functional deterioration thereby producing a superior outcome.

Each individual procedure is negotiated with care providers ahead of time if the charity can accommodate the veteran’s needs. The charity utilizes local physicians and hospitals and each case is unique and different. Each case requires prior negotiation with these facilities and caregivers.

The Solder’s Surgeon, Inc. does not provide medical care or treatment itself. Any follow up care should be directed to your doctor.

The Solder’s Surgeon, Inc. does not provide medical care or treatment itself. Not every operation is successful and no guarantees can be made. If a complication should happen, you should contact your doctor immediately to remedy the problem.

Yes. SSI is a 501 C3 charity. Meaning that we are a tax exempt nonprofit.

In the apply section, veterans will find that they are required to provide a military DD214 Form, a photo ID and a brief summary of their injury. This information is necessary to verify your status as a United States military veteran so we can accomplish our goal of providing aid and assistance to United States military veterans in need of medical care and treatment.

The Soldiers Surgeon Inc. will contact the applicant within 4 to 6 weeks after submission of the application.

No, The Soldier’s Surgeon, Inc. does not provide assistance for any medications.

AT THE PRESENT TIME, SSI will consider providing assistance for limited outpatient/day surgery orthopedic procedures. Examples of such procedures include: shoulder and knee arthroscopy, interventional spine procedures, removal of retained hardware and foreign bodies, foot and ankle procedures, and hand and elbow surgeries. As the charity grows, we hope to include more complex inpatient stay procedures, such as total joint procedures.


A Message from the Founder


Upon hearing reports of extended wait times for veterans to receive needed orthopaedic treatment, an idea was conceived to provide and assist these underserved heroes of our country. Soldiers Surgeon remains firmly committed to provide all veterans with timely and efficient care for their orthopaedic procedures. Soldier Surgeon will make every effort to connect veterans with physicians so that if possible they can receive their needed treatments in a more timely manner.

Please show your appreciation to our military heroes who have sacrificed so much by donating to The Soldiers Surgeon Inc.

My name is Allison Paley, and I am the proud founder and CEO of The Soldiers Surgeon Inc.

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